Denise Wallace-Spriggs

DWS Studio Millinery, Boston Massachusetts

I tutor one-on-one in Zoom and offer workshops online. I can tailor a class to suit your need, or you can find the up-coming offerings on the website. I’m happy to find a way to suit your curiosity.

My specialty is in foundational skills, historical re-creation, and theatrical millinery. I have been teaching at Boston University for 30 years and I teach all major skill sets including Buckram, Cut and Sew, Felt, Straw, and Wireframe hats.

I also offer some online workshops through museums and craft schools. These workshops are announced on my website as they come up.

I go live every Friday at 3:00PM EST from my Facebook page, where I offer a look inside a milliner’s studio. Viewers follow along as I build diverse projects each week. I hope to see you at my next Fun Friday tutorial.

Galelina Flowers – AU

Tutorials and Virtual online workshops on Making Flowers in Leather, Silk and Eva foam. And small hats or headpieces using these products. Instructor Galina Kofod will be teaching at her studio in Australia and also internationally when travel is again a viable option for students.

Historical Costuming Classes

Historical Costuming Classes with Jennifer Rosbrugh (includes millinery) for the 19th Century. All online classes have 24/7 unlimited access. Each class is broken down into easy-to-follow lessons complete with handouts and homework assignments to keep you on track.

B Unique Millinery

Virtual training classes with instructors from around the world.

Hat Academy – AU

Grow your millinery creativity by developing hat making skills through on demand video tutorials plus connect and share all things headwear.

Jan Wutkowski

Enquiries may be sent to (I no longer have a website).  Samples of work can be found on my Instagram @janwutkow.

I am willing to work with international students in setting up times that work for you. Based in Wilmington, NC; Eastern time zone (same as New York City).

My approach to teaching via Zoom is that I will take up to 5 students (but no more) so that greater attention can be paid to the group (or individual) and their progress. A great way to get a number of friends together to study.  OR even better is my one-to-one instruction.  Groups AND individuals can choose what skills/techniques they want to study.

I do not have a schedule of planned classes for this reason.  This is the way I’ve always taught my private classes– students choose from the list of skills offered and together we determine the number of hours of instruction based on skill level.  Instruction is based on 6hr, 4hr,  and 1-2 hrs sessions.

Skill sets and short descriptions click here.

Kate Brown Pernia

Katrinka Fine Millinery Arlington, VA

Go to YouTube and search Why Not a Hat? for my instructional videos. My usual classes are suspended now because of Covid but I am available for virtual instruction and for free on YouTube. I have just begun the channel and it is growing and catching the interest of those hoping to expand their skill base in hatmaking.


 Laura Del Villaggio / Milli Starr

Online classes for small groups and individuals. Laura will be teaching regularly in 202 groups and 1-1 Zoom lessons.

Current Schedule:

Sat 11/21 11 am CST ~ FREE 1 hr presentation on hat blocks

Sun 12/6 2 pm CST ~ 3.5 hr class “Sinamay Twist Headband”- $50

Location: Austin, Texas USA

Lina Stein Millinery Workshops

Lina Stein, internationally acclaimed tutor in all things millinery has been sharing her knowledge for the past 20 years.
The digital age has helped her adapt and pushed her forward into the virtual online world where she now offers two types of Online Millinery Workshops.

Online & Live with Lina Stein offers an exclusive and colorful selection of live streamed courses highly suited to those who are comfortable learning from their own home/workroom. The Zoom classes are well structured and include notes as well as a certificate of Excellence on completion. The workshops are scheduled to suit international time-zones with updates and additions made on a regular basis.

Lina also has tutorials available through the Hat Academy. Click here for more information on these tutorials and her Zoom workshops.

To learn more about Lina and what behind her creative drive visit her website or join her on Facebook and Instagram

Louise Macdonald

Based in Australia, but Louise schedules classes to suit all time zones around the world.

Louise offers 2 varieties of online millinery workshops:

  1. Live Streaming courses via Zoom, with a maximum of 12 students. Courses are well prepared and broken down into clear, step by step delivery. Notes also are also provided to help students remember the steps once they have completed the session. Courses are scheduled at various times to accommodate international time zones. The current suite of courses covers Ribbon folding and Parisisal Freeform techniques.
  2. Video courses via Hat Academy. Courses normally cover several techniques in one course. Contemporary Sinamay techniques and a variety of courses using Buntal are available. You purchase the video and can watch it over and over. 

Details of the courses on offer, testimonials from course participants, and more about Louise and the experience she brings can be found on her website.

Millinery Couture Flower Making Tutorials

Tutorials from Elena Bain for making silk flowers in the Japanese tradition. Available as DVDs and downloadable files. And a line of flower making tools.

Rachel E. Pollock/La Bricoleuse

I’m not teaching any specific classes online but I do have a YouTube channel where I share tips, tutorials, and techniques. I started the channel because I had to teach my fall millinery class online due to COVID-19, and I wanted to share the content online for a wider audience.

I also stream live studio time every Thursday at 3pm eastern time, and the stream videos are accessible afterwards on my channel‘s “open studio streams“ playlist. People can tune in to see what I’m working on and socialize in the chat.

The content is predominantly about theatrical millinery although I also address related topics like parasols and gloves.

The content is free, and people can subscribe to the channel and opt in to notifications for new video uploads and streaming events.

Perhaps this is worth including in your list because it’s a free option for people who might not be able to afford a traditional class or workshop.

Location: Durham, NC (USA)

Costume Crafts Artisan, PlayMakers Repertory Company
Instructor, Costume Production MFA Program, University of NC-Chapel Hill

Maria Curcic/Maria Curcic 

Paris born, with a strong European appreciation for fashion and style, Maria began creating hats for high end boutiques in Canada and the U.S. in the early 1990’s. The popularity of her designs led to the opening of her own store, Le Chapeau Rouge, in Calgary in 1990. She shifted her attention to wholesale in the late 1990’s, providing hats to over 15 stores across Canada and the U.S. Maria is a graduate of Interior Design from Mount Royal University as well as a graduate of The Alberta College of Art and Design. She recently (2015) took a class with Melbourne milliner Louise Macdonald.

Location: Canada


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