Judith M Inc is a mail order house located at 104 South Detroit Street, LaGrange, Indiana. We began shipping hatmaking supplies to mail order customers in 1994 and have had a web presence since 1996. We promote hat wearing wherever possible and believe the more people making hats, the more folks there will be wearing hats. Our goal is to offer better quality millinery supplies and a quick, easy means of ordering for everyone worldwide. We do not have a walk-in shop, just our warehouse. You may schedule an appointment for a visit between 10am and 3pm Tuesday through Friday.

Hat-making molds
Hat-making workshops

We also offer hat making workshops throughout the year, taught by expert instructors. These are one, two, and three-day classes and we list them in the Workshop section.

We value people for their rich histories and approach to life and are fascinated with the broad geography found among hat making salons. Tell us your story when you order. Give us something to smile about as we welcome your comments. If we did something wrong, we also want to know about our errors. That will keep us challenged and growing.

Our motto is “The problem with the world today, There aren’t enough people wearing hats”. This paraphrase of a line from the Monty Python film “The Meaning of Life” was created by my sister, Carol M Pieper.