Judith M is committed to protecting your privacy because we base our business on the trust you place in us. The information we collect is gathered to ensure secure ordering and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. You can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your e-account user name or password with anyone.

How much information must I share?

The amount of information we collect depends on you. We only collect the information needed for secure ordering and customizing your shopping experience. Your basic account information can be updated by you at any time.

Is my information shared with 3rd parties?

We understand that consumers have increasing concerns about protecting their privacy on the internet. Judith M’s policy is that personally identifiable information will not be sold or otherwise made available to third parties, unless such disclosure is required by law or specifically authorized by the user. We do keep the information you provide on file to make your reordering experience easier. No one but us has access to it.

What about e-mail?

When you purchase online from Judith M we may contact you by e-mail to confirm your order, or to update you on its status. Judith M, as a company, does not send unsolicited e-mail. If someone has signed you up without your permission, forward it to Email and we will happily unsubscribe you.

How do you protect my information?

Judith M stays on the leading edge of today’s technology regarding protection of your personal information. We employ powerful 128-bit encryption technology and Transport Security Layer (TLS) in all areas where your personal identity is required. All transaction information is processed under encrypted channels. To be sure you have the most protection available, be sure to download the latest version of any browsers you use, on all your devices. In addition, access to your personal information is restricted within our company to provide maximum security.

What about cookies?

We use cookies as a handy way to give you better service. They personalize your shopping experience and they help identify you. You will need to set your browser to accept cookies if you wish to add items to a shopping cart. Information collected or stored via cookies includes purchases, log in data, and pricing level. This information is kept in a secure area within Judithm.com. If you don’t wish to allow cookies, you can call to place an order. 260-499-4407.

How can I give you feedback or contact you?

Send us feedback via our contact form or call us toll-free at 1-877-499-4407, or locally at 1-260-499-4407. Feedback given in this manner becomes the property of Judith M and may be used for promotional purposes.


We are here to help! If you have questions or comments we would love to hear from you.