This is an incomplete listing of classes available throughout the world. If you teach millinery, or are aware of a course in your area, please email us with the information. Please provide the name of the course, the instructor and school affiliation, along with a complete address, telephone number and person to contact for enrollment. Email and website addresses are helpful.

Some classes run school term lengths requiring student registration, others are offered as shorter sessions i.e. day, week-end, 2 – week course.

If you can provide more complete information for any of the classes already listed please email it to us. We welcome your assistance in keeping this information current and accurate.

If you don’t find a class listed near you, places to check are: local theatre groups, community colleges, senior centers, churches and adult education programs. A listing with us is not an endorsement. Our purpose is to link students with opportunities for instruction.

Workshops offered by Judith M millinery supply house are found in Products.

Please note Classes have resumed for the summer and fall of 2021!