Ny-Buck Foundation

Ny-Buck Foundation


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Ny-Buck is a waterproof  flexible nylon buckram. It is lightweight, sheer and has a firm hand without bulk. 60 inch width.

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It is ideal for situations where buckram would be too bulky or might buckle from moisture (such as perspiration) or as an interfacing for translucent hats. Ny-buck is an ideal choice for flat-patterned hats for theatre and for the re-enactor. It can easily replace wire framing as a faster solution. It will also block. We set the blocked shape with heat and find it holds well. Ny-buck will tint with acid dyes or household dyes with vinegar added. While it will not dye a deep color, it will dye into softer pastel colors. Ny-buck should only be pressed with an iron set for nylon/synthetics. Too hot of an iron setting can scorch or shrink the material. Seams in this material require top stitching to lie flat, as they may not iron out completely. A 36-40 thread count per inch.

Nybuck is waterproof. Wonderful to use for large brimmed hats for out-of-doors events.

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Dimensions 18.0 × 2.0 × 2.0 in
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Half Yard (46cm), Per Yard (91.4cm)


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