C/O Navy Sewn Raffia Capeline, as is

C/O Navy Sewn Raffia Capeline, as is


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Sewn Raffia Straw Capeline in medium navy blue shade. (17/18 inch diameter) The braid has opened very slightly (approximately six inches in length) at the base of the crown where pin head is visible. This can easily be handsewn with matching thread and the hatbody will be good as new. Reduced price!

Out of stock


Good quality flexible 5 mm width braiding.  Will accept dye. Strip straw will have less “give” than other woven Hatbodies but the raffia is more accommodating than Milan straw. Bodies have an average headsize of 22-1/2 inch.

Raffia fiber is from a palm tree native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, with a short trunk and leaves that may grow up to 60 feet (18 m) long.

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 13.0 × 11.0 × 2.0 in


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