Hat Couture: Handbook for Hatmaking Techniques

Hat Couture: Handbook for Hatmaking Techniques


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A Millinery Handbook, an excellent guide for beginners, and still, there are things for the advanced milliner to learn.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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Hat Couture: Handbook For Hat Making Techniques gives a step-by-step description – with each step photographed – of various techniques Marianne has used in a career that spans nearly 60 years.

Marianne Jongkind is a Dutch hat designer  with more than 55 years of experience in hat making. She creates couture hats,both under her own name as well as for established fashion designers. Sharing her knowledge of millinery is something she takes very seriously she is a generous and demanding teacher. All her knowledge is now combined in a workroom technique book called “Hat Couture”. The book (208 pages) is published in English and Dutch and can be enjoyed by everybody interested in hat making, whether you are a beginning or an experienced hat maker, as all the 22 hat projects are explained step by step with clear photos. The publishing of this book fulfills a long-life ambition of Marianne Jongkind and has become a reality thanks to the collaboration with milliner and editor of The Hat Magazine, Elly Stemerdink.

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