Gelatin Sizing

Gelatin Sizing


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A biodegradeable gelatin sizing. This product is environment and user friendly. This product is stable and is not Classified as ORM-D. It can be shipped overseas.


Mix this powdered sizing with water to make an ideal solution for stiffening straw. It does seem to leave a sheen. Use carefully on felt. We prefer the PVA stiffener for felt and other fibers. Experimenting is going to be your best teacher. It all depends on the fiber, the saturation, and your stiffness preference. Best practice is to wear a mask when working with powders. It is always best to apply multiple light layers of stiffener, rather than one glumpy, thick layer. Allow to dry between applications. See FAQ for more detailed instruction.

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Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 × 3.0 × 0.5 in
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2 Ounces, 10 Ounces, 5 pounds (80 ounces)


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