1-1/2 inch Grip-Tuth Tortoise Color Comb

1-1/2 inch Grip-Tuth Tortoise Color Comb


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Tortoise plastic 7-tooth (1 1/2 inch) hair combs can easily be cut to smaller widths, be sure to sand the edges of freshly cut combs. Made in U.S. Use alone or with elastic looping.


Grip-Tuth® sidecomb is handcrafted so its teeth touch through the middle of the comb. This makes Grip-Tuth® different and better than all other sidecombs. The touching teeth g-r-i-p gently, and securely hold all hair types. Grip-Tuth® works equally well on fine and thin hair as well as thick, coarse and hard-to-manage hair. When you insert the comb, your hair gets locked in above the touching teeth, which work like a “flexible spring.” Your hair can’t slip past the touching teeth. The comb stays put; it’s both comfortable and secure. See our Blog articles on “How do You Make that Thing Stay on your Head.”

Additional information

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 2.0 × 2.0 × 0.2 in
Unit of Measure

Dozen (12 Pieces), Gross (144 Pieces), Piece


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