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Workshop General Supply List

-If flying, you can skip bringing pointy things, metal things or bulky things. You may borrow from our classroom supply stock.

•Felt or straw hood or capeline or yardage fabrics
•Thread in the color palette you are working in ( we carry thread for handsewing)
•Fabric and regular scissors
•Seam ripper
•18" Clear ruler
•Wonder clips or clothes pins
•Straight pins with ball heads
•Measuring tape
•Tailors chalk
•#7 Millinery handsewing needles
•#5 or #9 width petersham in colors you are working with
•Spray bottle
•Stainless steel push pins
•#19 millinery wire and joiners
•Blocking ties
•Felt brush
•Smaller lightweight hammer
•Needle nose pliers
•Wire cutters (this may be part of your needlenose pliers)
•Any flowers, feathers, fabrics, trims and treasures you are interested in incorporating into your pieces.

Do you need to bring your sewing machine? Totally up to you. The Judith M studio has several machines available for use in the classroom. However, if you prefer your own machine and it is easy to travel with you are welcome to bring your own. Please feel free to email us with any specific questions about what to bring!

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