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Silk Abaca Banana Sinamay

Silk Abaca Banana Sinamay

Abaca Banana Silk Sinamay
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One yard, 36x30 inches. Excellent quality, fine weave silk sinamay, no sizing. (50% Silk / 50% Abaca Banana Fiber.) Very lightweight, slightly more dense than our product #2420. This is an fine blend of Abaca Banana Silk. A 30-inch width with a thread count of 38x44 per inch. Still a gauzy look straw cloth, makes a wonderful free-form sculptured hat. Flexible, does not become brittle. Also used in trim work as flowers, leaves and ribbon. Easily dyed.

Made in the Philippines. If ordering more than one yard we will ship in a continuous length. Limited Supply.

Applying glue before cutting will help to prevent fraying. Run a bead of glue along the cutting line and along the selvedge. Allow to dry. When partially dry, it helps to flatten the glue bead and make the cutting easier. Once dry, trim off the selvedge and cut the jinsin along the glue lines trying to cut so that part of the glue is on each side of the cutting line.

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