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SALE! Leaf Green WireKnitZ #1000 and #2000

SALE! Leaf Green WireKnitZ #1000 and #2000

Leaf Green WireKnitZ
  • Leaf Green WireKnitZ
  • Leaf Green WireKnitZ
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Leaf Green  WireKnitz Metallic Fine Gauge Tight Knit 15mm Wide x 1 Meter Long.
WireKnitZ® is a copper wire tubular knit with polyurethane enamel finish. Stretch, stitch, roll, bead, braid, weave, layer & shape it — nothing goes to waste. Enjoy the supple flexibility, lightweight durability and endless design possibilities.

WireKnitZ® is nickel-free, waterproof and may be gently hand washed.
Due to the manufacturing & spooling process, slight variations may occur in width & dye lot.


1000 Series Specifications:
U.S. Measure: 5/8″ wide x 38 gauge FINE wire, TIGHT knit
Metric Measure: 15mm wide x 0.10mm FINE wire, TIGHT knit


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