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Pina Silk Sinamay

Pina Silk Sinamay

Pineapple Silk Abaca
  • Pineapple Silk Abaca
  • Pineapple Silk Sinamay
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One-fourth yard, 18x15 inches. Excellent quality, finely woven Pineapple silk sinamay, no sizing. (50% Silk / 50% Pineapple Fiber.) Very lightweight, Very sheer weave. This is a fine blend of Pineapple fiber and Silk. A 30-inch width with a 50x42 thread count per inch. Makes a wonderful free-form sculptured hat and also great in trims. Flexible, does not become brittle, has a wonderful hand. Water resistant making it ideal for outdoor events. The fabric has a natural gloss similar to silk, and is a better quality than traditional Jinsin. This gloss protects the fibers and as a result and does not require any treatment with toxic chemicals, making it a green material. It is used in the fashion world and high end home decor.

Made in the Philippines.


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