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Ny-buck Foundation

Ny-Buck Foundation
  • Ny-Buck Foundation
  • Ny-Buck Foundation
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Ny-Buck is a flexible nylon buckram. It is lightweight, sheer and has a firm hand without bulk. It is ideal for situations where buckram would be too bulky or might buckle from moisture (such as perspiration) or as an interfacing for translucent hats. Ny-buck is an ideal choice for flat-patterned hats for theatre and for the re-enactor. It can easily replace wire framing as a faster solution.  It will also block. We set the blocked shape with heat and find it holds well.

Ny-buck will tint with acid dyes or household dyes with vinegar added. While it will not dye a deep color, it will dye into softer pastel colors.

Ny-buck should only be pressed with an iron set for nylon/synthetics. Too hot of an iron setting can scorch or shrink the material. Seams in this material require top stitching to lie flat, as they may not iron out completely.

A 36-40 thread count per inch.


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