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Heavyweight Buckram

Heavyweight Buckram

Heavyweight Buckram foundation
Additional Information: 

A single ply approximately 42 inches wide (107cm), coarsely woven, double stiffened cotton, resembling needlework template, 18-24 thread count per inch, slightly smaller openings than the old US made foundation. Use for flat pattern hats requiring sturdy frame foundation. Also can be blocked as a hat frame before covering with fashion fabric. This product will be provided in a continuous length unless our remaining stock restricts us from doing so. We do give extra to compensate for splicing. If one continuous piece required please tell us. We will try to accommodate your needs.

The previous US made foundation was 27-28 inches wide. This is 1-1/2 times wider. Reminding you to help with your yardage calculations.

If attending online classes with Lina Stein, this is the buckram used in her folded techniques.

If you don't mind pieces, we list them in the Close Out section of the site.

Due to the dimensions of this item actual shipping cost will be higher than the estimate received at checkout. We are happy to fold the buckram to reduce the shipping cost. Please let us know if it is okay to fold. 

INTERNATIONAL NOTICE: Too offset shipping costs and fit our buckram into the size requirements for Global Post International packaging, the one or two yard lengths will be folded. Greater yardage will still be rolled and unable to qualify for Global Post options.


Heavyweight Buckram

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