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Hatlines Magazine #64

Hatlines Magazine #64

Hatlines Magazine #64
  • Hatlines Magazine #64
  • Hatlines Magazine #64
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In this issue #64:

  • Photo reports of Oaks Day 2018
  • Interviews with Harvey Santos, Wulliam Chambers, Marga van der bos and Ingeborg Steenhorst
  • Events held around the world
  • Tips on lining a hat

Hatlines is a publication of the Dutch Hats Association (NHV) and is distributed to its members four times a year. The magazine is made by milliners for milliners, as well as for everybody else who loves to wear or just look at hats. It provides a diverse mix of interviews, inspiration, eye candy and tips to improve your techniques and is published both in Dutch and in English. Not a member of the NHV? Send an e-mail to to order a copy.




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