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Gelatin Sizing

Gelatin Sizing

Gelatin Sizing #1157
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A biodegradeable gelatin sizing.  This product is environment and user friendly. This product is stable and is not Classified as ORM-D. It can be shipped overseas.

Mix with hot water, stir or shake well until dissolved.  May be used to dip, brush, or spray onto hat body.  For use as a spray - dilute one part gelatin into 15 parts water.  For dipping - we suggest 1 part sizing to 100 parts water.  We have found in general, using the 15/1 ratio makes the body too stiff when dipped. Experimenting is going to be your best teacher. It all depends on the fiber, the saturation, and your stiffness preference. Best practice is to wear a mask when working with powders.

For use on straw, felt or other fabrics.  Do a test patch first before applying to the entire hat surface.  On felt, apply to inside of hat only. (Our PVA #5429 is a better fit with felt.)  Mix only as much as you will use in one session.  It does not store well.

- Presoak gelatin crystals in small amount of tap water (enough to cover) for 5 minutes.
- Add very hot (NOT boiling) water and stir until crystals are dissolved.  Allow to cool a bit, before using, but still warm.
- Sizing solution can be sponged onto hat surface, dipped, or sprayed (note ratio varies for each use form).
- Sponge off excess sizing, steam* and block.  (*Steaming the hatbody while sizing is still wet forces the sizing from the surface allowing it to penetrate the hat material.)

Gelatin Sizing #1157

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