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Black PinokPok

Black PinokPok

Black Pinapok Sinamay
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Pinokpok is in the sinamay family with lots more body and wonderful draping qualities. A more dense quality, finer weave sinamay, Pinokpok is hammered to produce the lovely sheen and smooth quality. No sizing. Still a gauzy look straw cloth, makes a wonderful free-form large sculptured hat. The most flexible of our sinamays, does not become brittle. It can be use in single layers or blocked in 2 or more layers for durability, blocking each layer over the previous one. Also used in trim work as flowers, leaves and ribbon. 36-inch width with a 30x24 thread count per inch.

Made in the Philippines.

A note of caution: the fiber tends to bleed if immersed in water. Generally, because it is very pliable you can get by with misting only. If you need to be absolutely certain the material will not run, we suggest setting with your preferred method prior to use.



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