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Black Paris Cloth

Black Paris Cloth

Black Paris Cloth
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Abaca woven with polyester thread. 36" width. Ours all comes in the two-color style. The color comes from the poly thread, all of the abaca is natural. If you understand the weaving process I can tell you it has a warp of abaca fiber and a weft of polyester thread. This produces the soft, pliable weave.

Remarks from milliner Diane S after testing it for us, "Abaca to be very soft and the polyester threads allow it to ravel easily so a quick lock down with a zigzag at the start solved that. I tried manipulating it many different ways and found it is delicate and can show marks where the threads slide. The threads pull easily to expose the straw.  I like the character of those marks, the soft hand and sheen."

Applying glue before cutting will help to prevent fraying. Run a bead of glue along the cutting line and along the selvedge. Allow to dry. When partially dry, it helps to flatten the glue bead and make the cutting easier. Once dry, trim off the selvedge and cut the jinsin along the glue lines trying to cut so that part of the glue is on each side of the cutting line.


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