Black/Pink Stripe Jinsin Cloth

Black/Pink Stripe Jinsin Cloth


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Excellent quality woven Jinsin buntal, no sizing. Ours is a buntal/poly blend with a warp of buntal straw (60%) and a weft of polyester thread (40%).

Inch wide stripes in alternate black and grey shades.


Handles nicely for the popular sculptural hats for racing fashion. Made in the Philippines. A 40-41 inch width with a 31×12 thread count per inch. Applying glue before cutting will help to prevent fraying. Run a bead of glue along the cutting line and along the selvedge. Allow to dry. When partially dry, it helps to flatten the glue bead and make the cutting easier. Once dry, trim off the selvedge and cut the Jinsin along the glue lines trying to cut so that part of the glue is on each side of the cutting line.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 41.0 × 3.0 × 3.0 in
Unit of Measure

Half Yard (46cm), Per Yard (91.4cm)

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